All the changes brought to Elecville after part 1

A deserted parking lot in a newly built area.

Energetic Elecville – the city that never sleeps. That’s our slogan, no other city uses it, and don’t let them tell you otherwise. They’re wrong.

As I really enjoy Cities: Skylines (read: I can’t resist touching our stream city), I will sometimes tinker on our city off-stream. This post details all the changes made to Elecville since part 1 was streamed on Twitch, with many screenshots inside!

Industry has been moved

The industry section at the highway connection has been moved to its own area with a direct highway connection and slip lanes.

The highway connection continues on to downtown Elecville. This allows the downtown area to have a second connection to the highway system, as well as directly connect to the industry area by road.

The layout follows an oval-a-bout (hello Biffa!) layout in the core, with parks, services and a metro line (more on that later) starting point in the center. The industry buildings are placed on either side of the oval-a-bout.

Further back, some offices, retail stores, a warehouse for general goods as well as a cargo terminal are placed.

The new industrial section in all its glory.

Oh, dam!

A FritsPlays Cities: Skylines playthrough isn’t a FritsPlays Cities: Skylines playthrough without a proper dam. To let my Dutchness play a part in the new city, a dam has been placed at the far end of the map, providing the city with over 700 megawatts of power, as well as fresh water.

Generating electricity through water flow? Well, I’ll be dammed!

The road crowning our new dam is used to connect our newly created tourism and leisure areas to the road network. Speaking of which…

Tourism and leisure specializations

Two new parts of town have emerged! Just across the water, a leisure area has popped up, allowing tourists and citizens alike to enjoy beverages, go on fishing tours and play some tennis.

This area is also home to a couple thousand cimizens, has both an elementary and a high school and is also connected to downtown via a disabled ferry route. Disabled because of the arrival of our metro system (it’s coming up soon, I swear!) which connects the tourism area to downtown.

The leisure area features self-sufficient low and high rise residential buildings with beautiful views. Come live in Elecville today!

Trains! Trains! Trains!

The tourism area is connected by railroad to downtown Elecville’s office district. Both train stations accept international trains.

While currently consisting of a couple of streets, eventually the tourism sector is envisioned to provide a substantial portion of the Greater Elecville Region’s economy.

Tourism at its finest. Please ignore the queued trains, our engineers were on strike.
Transport view of the tourism sector. Also visible: bus and metro lines.
Transport view of the other end of our railroad system. Also visible: bus and metro lines.

Moving the masses

As Elecville will be played with vehicle despawning turned off, a vital part of the city will be to have a functioning public transit system. Without it, traffic would grind to a halt.

The city currently features three metro lines, three cargo terminals, two train stations, two bus lines and one cable car route. As a result of efficient use of public transportation, traffic is stable on 84-86% with despawning turned off and minimal use of round-a-bouts.

Check out a some photos of our glorious transport system below!

Metro situation. Downtown circulator providing alleviation for traffic staying there, with a route snaking around it, providing transfer possibilities and a route to the industrial section. The top right route connects our leisure and tourism sections to downtown.
Our oil town is connected to downtown by the green bus line and has its own cargo terminal. The blue bus line connects the tourism area to the oil town as well, as the Mall of Moderation is situated near it.

Drill, baby, drill!

The start of our oil industry has been made. While still a one star area, oil resources are rumored to be vast, with the ground turning brown from all the rich juicy black stuff just begging to be pumped from underneath it. Or is that the effect of pollution caused by all the drilling?

I can has oil? Please?

Making the city pretty

My Players, I’ve heard you! From this city onward, we will strive to make areas pretty and adding my own personal touch to areas I build.

In the oil town, I’ve prettified the round-a-bout. I’ve also added a custom parking lot – something I will be doing more in areas which see a lot of vehicle traffic.

Ham-fisted attempt at decorating ye local round-a-bout.
The first-ever parking lot on FritsPlays’ Cities: Skylines playthroughs. Including electric vehicle parking. How 2020 of me!

Part 2 streaming soon

That’s about it! Be sure to tune in to FritsPlays on Twitch on March 10, 2020 from 7:00PM CET (GMT +0100), as we will be streaming Part 2 then!

Areas have been divvied up and area ready for you to claim – or destroy. Either way, be sure to bring your Super Ponies. Let’s have some fun!

See you on Tuesday! <3

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