Part 1 of Elecville now available on Twitch!

Downtown Elecville in the daylight

Hi guys! Just a quick post to let you know episode 1 of Cities: Skylines: Elecville is now ready to view on Twitch.

Electricnet was visiting from Denmark. He took control of the FritsPlays stream on Twitch and started a brand spanking new city for you to claim territories on and destroy with disasters using your Super Ponies.

The map he ultimately chose to play on is Black Woods, part of the stock version of the game.

In the first episode, elec lays out the groundwork for the city while Frits looks on, providing pointers where needed. In the final part of the episode, Frits starts working on some traffic fixes, so that the city can still flow with traffic despawning turned off.

Check out the first episode on Twitch right away:

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