Elecville Part 2 now available on Twitch!

Elecville as seen from the new cargo hub!

Hi guys! This blog post serves as a quick write-up to let you know part 2 of Elecville is available on Twitch now!

This episode sees a lot of claiming happening, as well as many pay2win claims and disasters by MrRainmakerNL (much love! <3) and the start of our forestry industry.

Watch the episode now!

Changes after stream

We now have a cargo hub! The hub allows our forestry industry to ship goods out of the city faster by rail ánd water.

A train station was built at the south edge of Robert’s Forest Industry, servicing both this district as well as Neutraal Zuid Muts.

Neutraal Zuid Muts has a roundabout placed inside it to connect the train station.

This new train station allows international connections. It also is serviced by an internal train line, connecting with downtown Elecville.

A one-way road has been placed underneath the railway connection for the cargo hub, minimizing the footprint of the cargo hub

Available claims

Use your Super Ponies to claim some districts! The following claims are available from the start of part 3:

Claims 6 and 7

Situated between the rival districts of Squeeden and tRainmaker, these two claims are not for the faint of heart. Do you have the guts to start your territory here?

Claims 6 and 7 are in hot territory, wedged between the second kingdom of Squeeden and tRainmaker Park.

Claims 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

Claims 10 through 21 are available as a result of unlocking a new milestone off-stream. Bordering Elecville, Neutraal Zuid Muts and Robert’s Forest Industry.

These claims currently only have seen the cargo hub being built in some of them.

Claim 18 contains the cargo hub and claims 13 and 18 house the connections to the railway and highway systems.

All the new claims available to the east of Neutraal Zuid Muts and Robert’s Forest Industry.

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