Part 3 of Elecville on Twitch now!

Hi guys! Quick development in Elecville over the past couple days, as part 3 was surprise-recorded on the FritsPlays Twitch stream yesterday!

Check out the clip below or continue reading to see what changed!

The Kingdom of Squeeden

Initially intended for the Tuesday night stream, I downloaded a bunch of assets and mods from the Steam workshop.

I decided to hit up Sqeez and coordinate what he would like to see in his city next. We came up with a bunch of Swedish buildings, like the Ericsson Globen and the Stockholm city hall.

During this stream, I placed a bunch of the buildings and worked on the Kingdom of Squeeden. The Kingdom is not entirely filled yet, but we made lovely progress.

Hej då! Välkommen til Sverige!

Unique buildings

The Kingdom of Squeeden features some Swedish icons like the Ericsson Globen and the Stockholm City Hall. On top of that, the entrances are lined with Swedish flags.

To do: IKEA. Haha.

Lovely view of the Stockholm City Hall. In the background: Ericsson Globen.


Squeeden is the first part of town to feature trams! A tramline runs around the Kingdom and eventually meets up with a metro station, which our cimizens can take to go to Elecville and beyond.

The tram line near the church. In the background: Ericsson Globen and Stockholm City Hall.

Available claims

Copied from the previous post.

Use your Super Ponies to claim some districts! The following claims are available from the start of part 3:

Claims 6 and 7

Situated between the rival districts of Squeeden and tRainmaker, these two claims are not for the faint of heart. Do you have the guts to start your territory here?

Claims 6 and 7 are in hot territory, wedged between the second kingdom of Squeeden and tRainmaker Park.

Claims 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

Claims 10 through 21 are available as a result of unlocking a new milestone off-stream. Bordering Elecville, Neutraal Zuid Muts and Robert’s Forest Industry.

These claims currently only have seen the cargo hub being built in some of them.

Claim 18 contains the cargo hub and claims 13 and 18 house the connections to the railway and highway systems.

All the new claims available to the east of Neutraal Zuid Muts and Robert’s Forest Industry.

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