Schedule for week 15, 2020

Hi y’all! Here’s the schedule for this week:

Tuesday, April 7From 7:00 PMJackbox Party Pack
Thursday, April 9From 7:00 PMJackbox Party Pack
Saturday, April 11From 1:00 PMCities: Skylines
Part 8 of Elecville!

Jackbox Party Pack

Thanks to you all, we had an amaaazing stream last Saturday! As a result of the games being this fun, I have decided to make both Tuesday and Thursday night streams feature the Jackbox Party Packs.

Want to suggest a game to play? Please do! I currently own the following titles:

Be sure to swing by and play along or play in the audience! Playing along is easy. Simply go to on a second screen and use the room code shown on the stream. You will then be able to play along with the game.

See you on Tuesday & Thursday!

Bye Mixer, hi YouTube!

The Mixer streams didn’t work out as anticipated. So instead of Mixer, I’m going to provide the second stream on YouTube. Music has been cleared with Monstercat for the channel and we’re ready to go!

Please consider subscribing to FritsPlays on YouTube so we can get the channel growing there!

In the future, I’m considering adding stream highlights to the YouTube channel.

Elecville: Part 8

Elecville resumes on Saturday! Very stupid but I forgot to save before closing, so I need to redo the last hour of the previous stream. I will be sure to get on that later on in the week. After that, I’ll write up all claims in a separate blog post.

This will be the last episode where claiming is possible. I want to make Elecville a ten part series.

After part 10, we will save the map and look into one of the latest Sunset Harbor DLC maps.

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