RISK in Cities: Skylines

Hi guys! We’ve started a new map last Saturday. The new map allows us to play with compatible mods, Sunset Harbor buildings and focus on beautifying the whole experience.

Combined with an upgrade from 16 to 32GB RAM, Cities: Skylines on FritsPlays looks more promising than ever.

The new map

On the new map, we have built the city of Vallestria.

Vallestria is a full-fledged region with everything a cimizen can dream of: lightning fast metro systems, cable cars, an intercity bus connection, self-sufficient farmer town – you name it, Vallestria has it!

Check out the start of Vallestria on the April 11, 2020 broadcast:

Let’s Play: Risk!

Vallestria is unique, as its citizens fight over control in the region by using their Chairs. Chairs are our channel points currency, which allow the FritsPlays community to claim certain rewards.

The following rewards have been added to the Chairs system for Vallestria:

RewardDescriptionCost (Chairs)
Starting LocationClaim a starting location on the map. A starting location has one health point by default.

Starting locations must be unclaimed! You can only use this if you have no tiles on the map.
Style My TileGive me a coordinate (i.e. B01) of the tile to beautify and I will sprinkle some special sauce over it.500
AttackAttack a tile to remove one health point or take it over! Attack must be undefended for one minute to make it stick.

Tiles must share a border. Diagonal crossings are excluded.
DefendDefend from an attack! Can only be used by the player who is being attacked.

You must claim this within one minute of the attack start, otherwise you lose a health point.
GarrisonAdd a health point to a tile of your choice.

You may also add health to other people’s tiles.
TransferTransfer health points between two tiles.

One claim = one health point transferred. Tiles must share a border. Diagonal crossings are excluded.
100 per hp
An overview of the RISK Chairs claims.

The board

Vallestria’s Risk board comprises B01 through B47.

The following tiles have already been claimed:

  • B01 (MrRainmakerNL);
    Borders: B02, B04, B46.
  • B12 (WeetabixLewis);
    Borders: B08, B11, B13, B15, B18.
  • B28 (Yoriiick);
    Borders: B27, B31, B32.
  • B33 (Electricnet);
    Borders: B39, B11, B29, B34, B36.
  • B38 (MindZone);
    Borders: B41, B37, B32, B35.
  • B43 (reboid).
    Borders: B46, B42, B40, B44

Here’s an in-game screenshot of all the areas (click or tap for more detail):

All the claimable areas in one screenshot.

Alternatively, if you would like some more order, check out this map view of the city as it currently stands (click or tap for more detail):

A map of Vallestria! Created with CSL Map View.

The start of RISK

I’m excited and I hope you are, too! Come play Risk with the community.

The first episode will start Saturday, April 18 at 1:00 PM CEST at FritsPlays on Twitch. See you there!

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