About FritsPlays

Hi I’m Frits, a 28-year-old Dutch guy. As a software tester by trade, I break code during the daytime.
At night, I break games, chairs, my ego and your feelings on stream!

I’m not the best gamer out there, but I love entertaining people. Practical jokes, making fun at my expense, hanging out and derping it up is what this stream is all about!

Interested to see more? Check out this channel trailer made by MindZoneRL (NSFW!).

First introduction (2017)

As a long-time gamer, I had been lurking the shadows of Twitch for quite some time. My first-ever experience with Twitch was a real-life stream with electricnet and hftf_ in the summer of 2017 (forgive me for my idiot look):

Slowly beginning (2018)

Eventually, I started streaming Rocket League from my PlayStation 4 in 2018. Usually gaming with TyZ_71, we ran into some funny moments while streaming:

Start of the FritsPlays adventure (2019)

The PlayStation streams didn’t feel very comfortable but I wanted to explore streaming more. So in April 2019, I bought a gaming computer and started streaming as much as possible, setting an initial goal of 100 followers at the end of the year. That goal was reached a month later.

From July 2019, I started casting a weekly Rocket League tournaments show, Tournament 2sday, on Tuesday nights. Check out an example tournament below!

Onwards and upwards (2020)

In 2020, I will be bringing more interactive streams to the forefront. Using the channel points integration Twitch offers, I want to give you more control of what happens in-game!

Be sure to swing by the FritsPlays channel and hang out with me! <3

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