Hey y’all! The work hours are back to normal as of last week, so the stream schedule will be returning to a more normal rhythm again for the time being.

Tuesday, March 24From 7:00 PMRocket League
Tournament 2sday!
Thursday, March 26From 7:00 PMTBA
Dutch night!
Friday, March 2712:30 PM – 5:00 PMCities: Skylines
Sunset Harbor First Look
Saturday, March 28From 1:00 PMCities: Skylines
New DLC!

All times are in CET.

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Hello everybody! The stream schedule for week 12 is as followed:

Monday, March 1612:00 – 5:00 PMRocket League
Tuesday, March 17From 7:00 PMCities: Skylines
Thursday, March 19From 7:00 PMRocket League
Sunday, March 22From 1:00 PM Factorio

All times are in CET.

As announced in the previous schedule blog post, my work hours have been cut back by 25% 30% 50% due to the coronavirus pandemic. The cut means I can stream in the mornings while this measure is active.

Currently, there are no changes announced in the measure, so I am expecting the measure will remain in effect for the next couple of weeks.

Forget about all the crazy news cycles and come join a morning stream if you’re able to! <3

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