Cities: Skylines

Welcome to the beautiful city of Rainmaker Peaks!

Rainmaker Peaks is unique, as its citizens fight over control in the region by using theirĀ Chairs. Using Chairs, the FritsPlays channel points system, chat can play RISK in Cities!

How to Get Started

To get started with RISK in Cities, check out the video below for all the information on how to get started or continue reading this page!

Maps of Rainmaker Peaks

Check out the following maps of Rainmaker Peaks to get an idea of the current situation (click or tap on a map to view a high resolution version):

Let’s Play: Risk!

Find a suitable spot on the maps above and get your claim in while FritsPlays is live playing Cities: Skylines.

Chairs Claims

The following rewards have been added to the Chairs system for Rainmaker Peaks:

RewardDescriptionCost (Chairs)
Starting LocationClaim a starting location on the map. A starting location has one health point by default.

Starting locations must be unclaimed! You can only use this if you have no tiles on the map.
Style My TileGive me a coordinate (i.e. B01) of the tile to beautify and I will sprinkle some special sauce over it.250
AttackAttack a tile to remove one health point or take it over! Attack must be undefended for one minute to make it stick.

Tiles must share a border. Diagonal crossings are excluded.
DefendDefend from an attack! Can only be used by the player who is being attacked.

You must claim this within one minute of the attack start, otherwise you lose a health point.
GarrisonAdd a health point to a tile of your choice.

You may also add health to other people’s tiles.
BOOM!Spin the wheel of (mis)fortune to wipe out ownership of a random tile!

If tile is garrisoned, health points will remain.
TransferTransfer health points between two tiles.

One claim = one health point transferred.
Tiles must share a border. Diagonal crossings are excluded.
50 per hp
An overview of the RISK Chairs claims.

See you soon on FritsPlays!

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