Frits’ pony gang has a Factorio server available 24/7! The server is hosted by Frits and administrated by DrCid.

Joining is easy! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Find the server named The FritsPlays 24/7 Server! in your Factorio game;
  2. Use the password p0nies to join the game!

You are invited!

We would love to see you join in on the fun and chaos on the server!

Can’t find the server? Please check your game version. The server is currently (March 4, 2020) running version 0.18.8 experimental.

We would love it if you would pay attention to the following:

  1. No griefing on the server! We’re all out to have a wonderful time together;
  2. Follow FritsPlays on Twitch to help him grow his channel and keep the server up-and-running;
  3. Join the FritsPlays Discord to stay in touch with the community;
  4. Tell Cid you love him every time you join the server (okaaaay, this is not really needed).

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