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Without your support, streaming would not be possible. Please consider supporting me financially in one of the following ways:

Money generated from streaming goes back into buying better equipment, new games & DLCs and hosting servers.

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Support the channel by subscribing to FritsPlays!

Subscribers get the following benefits:

  • Special evolving Superfrits chair badge next to your name in chat;
  • Four tier one emotes on Twitch and Discord;
    fritspChair fritspYay fritspWtf fritspOMG
  • Conditional love from a weird Dutch guy;
  • Access to the sub-only Discord channel;
  • 3500 ponies upon subscribing;
  • Quadruple the amount of ponies received for viewing;
  • 50% discount on song requests;
  • Special sub-only sounds on the premium soundboard;
  • Your very own walk-on sound, played every time you join my stream!

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Donate your hard-earned cash to me to support the channel!

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Alternatively, you can also donate cryptocurrency to me via the FritsPlays 1UpCoin page (opens in a new tab).

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