LTO Node

What is LTO?

LTO is a business-to-business blockchain for securing, verifying and exchanging business critical information. BrokenChairMedia helps secure the LTO Network with our node.

Quick facts

Contact address: 3JxqWZaikeEW9m9d2MCPh1KNHjo6Ty2YxUJ
Up since: June 4, 2021
Node fee: Transaction costs only*
Payout: monthly (beginning of every month)
Telegram: Community | News channel

* By default, fees for mass transfers are 1 LTO + 0.1 LTO per wallet. We divide the total by the amount of wallets and charge all wallets equally.

Live statistics

Block height: 0
Unique leasers: 0
Leased: 0 LTO
Generating: 0 LTO*

Numbers above provided by our node API endpoint. Data retrieved on November 30, 2021 7:05 AM (+01:00).

* Please note leased LTO tokens take 1000 blocks (= 16 hours 40 minutes) to become generating LTO.

Why lease LTO?

If you own LTO, you will be able to directly benefit the network security by leasing your tokens to our node. As a reward, you will get a percentage in interest.

Leasing means you will keep ownership of your LTO – our node simply handles your LTO for you, so it can help secure the network with your lease.

LTO Coin test page

Start leasing to our node

Ready to stake your first LTO? Good! Leasing LTO to the BrokenChairMedia node is simple.

1. Buy LTO and send LTO to your mainnet wallet

First, you need to make sure you create a wallet on the LTO mainnet and transfer your tokens there.

Don’t have any tokens to transfer yet? No problem!

Sign up with Binance to buy your first LTO there.

Click here to sign up with a 10% discount on your trading fees!

2. Lease your LTO to the node

  • Go to your wallet on;
  • Login using your credentials;
  • Select the Leasing menu option;
  • Click the Start lease button;
  • Find and click BrokenChairMedia in the list of nodes;
  • Fill in the amount of LTO you want to lease to the node;
    Suggested is to lease the maximum amount (your balance MINUS 1 LTO transaction fee)
  • Click Start lease.

All done! Your LTO will start generating block rewards after 1000 blocks (16 hours and 40 minutes).

The leasing option in your wallet menu.
Starting a lease from the Leasing screen.