I was gifted a horse-related nickname, Paardenfrits (Dutch for Horse Frits), by my roommate Tom back in 2014. When creating the FritsPlays realm, this nickname came back to me, and… it kind of spiraled out of control from there. Oops.

As a result of the nickname, FritsPlays contains many references to horses! Our chat command system runs on Ponies and our Twitch channel points are called Super Ponies.

This page explains the earning rate for Ponies.

For more information on what to spend those sweet sweet Ponies on, check out the chat commands page!

Earning Ponies

Earning ActionDescriptionPonies Earned
WatchingAmount of ponies earned per 10 minutes of watching as a non-subscriber.25
Watching (Subscriber)Amount of ponies earned per 10 minutes of watching as a subscriber.100
FollowingFollowing earns you Ponies!500
Cheering (per 100 bits)Every bit donated to FritsPlays will earn you ponies! Sound board is sadly excluded from this.1600
(16 per bit)
Donating (per € spent)Every euro donated to FritsPlays will earn you ponies. Be sure to use your Twitch username!2000
(20 per eurocent)
Subscribing Subscribing to FritsPlays also earns you ponies!5000
Gift subGift a subscription and earn this amount of ponies! The recipient will earn the same amount.5000

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